Thanks for the Halloween Photos!

Halloween 2015 was fun. We started with Gray’s rat friend in a bee costume and all of you added photos of your furry and even scaly friends. Maybe we will have another holiday dress up in late December.

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Happy, Healthy Treats for Your Pup and Kitten – All Local

As cooler weather descends and the holidays sneak up on us, our pups and kittens will be getting less exercise and more treats. We can avoid adding winter weight and continue to show happy love to our dogs and cats. It is imperative to give healthy treats and to avoid choices that may be unsafe…

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Halloween Safety Reprise.

I love Halloween. Not sure why – probably the pumpkins and the dogs and cats in cool outfits. Well, even Nala, Beth’s feline friend will be dressing up. Halloween presents a number of safety issues for dogs and cats. Here’s a few tips in no particular order to keep our dogs and cats in DC…

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Support Our Friends at Doggie Style

Dr. Teich has known Krista Heinz and friends for many years. Doggie Style on 18th Street, NW, is one of the main sources of Brian’s toys and is a great place for grooming and dog food, too. As a small business, Krista will bend over backwards to see that you and hour dog are happy….

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Life Jackets ARE For the Dogs!

“It’s ok, my dog can swim.“While it is true that most dogs can swim well, drowning is a very real risk for canines when enjoying a day out on the water. Bring out the life jacket for the dog. Yes, you heard right, a life jacket. No – not the old bulky, moldy one from…

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Dr. Teich is featured in the Washington Blade

The Washington Blade had a little interview with our very own Dr. Dan Teich. He was asked about his passions, why he lives in Washington and a bit more about his philosophies on life and his passions. You all know that he collects rocks, but did you also know that one of his other hobbies…

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Fourth of July – Fireworks and Pets

One Person’s Holiday is his/her Best Friend’s Living Nightmare By Briana Bryson, Summer Intern Fourth of July weekend. In the name of celebrating our independence, many of us enjoy using the holiday as an opportunity to socialize with loved ones, consume lots of booze, and blast millions of pounds’ worth of pyrotechnics (mostly) into the…

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Kennel Cough Update – Prevention and Treatment

Since we see quite a few dogs from shelters and rescues, I thought it important to discuss Bordatella, also known as kennel cough. The past few weeks has seen a sharp increase in cases of Bordatellosis. Overview Kennel cough complex, a syndrome caused by several bacteria and / or viruses, causes dogs to have a…

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Fleas – They’re Back!

“ They’re here.” Ok so it’s not Poltergeist, but it is high flea season once again. We at District Vet have a particular hated of these critters that have been around since the time of the dinosaurs (don’t believe me, click here). Fleas crawl through dog and cats’ fur, live there, feed off of them…

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Can a dog’s tail be too happy? Limber tail (dead tail) discussed.

As spring arrives the dogs are out to play and swim once again. When you come home after an outing with the pup, the dog isn’t quite right – his / her tail is not wagging! Is it broken? Is there a sprain? What’s going on? We at District Veterinary Hospital frequently see a condition…

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