Is my cat sick? Signs to observe for illness in cats.

Cats are like canaries – they don’t like to tell us if they are unwell. Cats will hide illness and this can lead to serious medical crisis. Remember the canary – will tweet until it falls off the perch. Careful and routine observation of your feline friend can lead you to understand when he or…

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Tulip and Hyacinth Toxicity

District of Columbia: Sunday was a small reminder: spring is on the way. So is gardening! Many bulbs are quite toxic to dogs and care should be taken to avoid having your pup snack on tulips and hyacinths. Although tulips and hyacinth are traditionally planted in the fall, spring gardening can frequently ring their bulbs…

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Hotel Etiquette With Dogs

More hotels are opening their doors to our canine family members, even going as far as actively welcoming pets. Whenever I travel, I see a few dogs walk right through the front door of the hotel, receive treats from the desk and be on their way to a comfy bed. Travel with dogs is much…

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Keep Your Dog’s Paws Happy This Winter!

Dogs’ paws don’t love the winter. Exposure to dry air, ice and cold temperatures can cause paws to dry and crack and even can lead to frostbite. Salt and other chemicals may cause burns and pain. There are a few easy things you can do to help your pup’s feet stay comfortable during the winter….

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AAHA Accreditation

On December 5, 2014, District Veterinary Hospital gained American Animal Hospital Accreditation. Our hospital is one of the youngest hospitals to ever achieve accreditation. We built the hospital with the goals and ideals of AAHA in mind – we want to provide the best medicine possible, deliver the best service and be a model for…

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Don’t Chop Down The Tree – Trim it Safely!

Don’t Chop Down The Tree – Trim it Safely! For many in our community this ritual happens every December: putting up the Christmas tree. It’s joyful and brings many happy memories and starts the holiday cheer. But beneath this green beacon lays a bit of a more sinister side for pets, especially cats. Let’s discuss…

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Fun and Care In Kitty Teenage Years

Everyone loves kittens, but the real fun starts when your cat hits the age of one. At this time, your cat is past his “teenage” years, and you can now enjoy all the dedication you gave to training your furry little friend! Although your cat may be past their more rambunctious phase, they still love…

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Dashing into Fall Yard Work! A few Safety Tips.

Fall has arrived and for many in our community, so has fall yard work! Unlike many of us that live in condos in the city, many Brookland have wonderful yards with towering oaks and maples. While the community prepares for winter, there are several considerations you should take to keep your pets and wildlife safe…

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Mindful Pet Services – Here to help with pet-sitting and medications

We are frequently asked for recommendations for pet-sitting and in-home veterinary technician services. Our friend and former veterinary technician, Doralee Halperin, is the person behind Mindful Pet Services, a service that helps when you need someone to visit your friend while you are away or when you need help with prescribed medical care. Doralee visits…

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Size Matters – When Referring to Litterboxes

I like a spacious bathroom – turns out, you cat may, too. Should your cat be urinating out of the box, on a rug (especially a bath mat), spraying walls or urinating in a corner, you may have litter box issues. Of course, if the cat is experiencing these behaviors, it is important to have…

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